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Today, 77% of Americans own smartphones. We all know how useful these devices are for keeping up to date with family, friends, and happenings all over the globe. Many of us are even aware as to how they have changed consumer behavior, providing options which are often even more convenient and affordable than a trip the the store.  As we use these devices to tweet, post, comment, and share our experiences, especially about cities and services, we provide a great datastream parking teams can collect and analyze in real time.   New York City recently piloted a program targeting the food industry....

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If you have ever been on a college campus, either for classes or events, you can understand the true struggle of finding a place to park. Signs can be unclear, different campuses have different systems, and special events can change the parking rules for a few hours, causing mass confusion for students. However, University parking services around the country are working to make the parking experience a little smoother in a variety of different ways, especially for incoming new students. In an article from International Parking Institute, different University parking and transportation service employees discussed a variety of ways that...

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I was reading an article about how they are changing the parking program around Wrigley Field in Chicago. At Wrigley, they will be doubling the price from $2-an-hour to $4-an-hour as well as, extending the hours that these fees are applicable based on the event taking place. The timing change is especially important for events such a large concerts, in which the usual 10:00 pm end to paid parking will be extended to cover the event in entirety. At first it seems as though there really is no positive benefits for those parking in these spaces. However, this surge pricing...

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I read an interesting article today about a University of Kentucky program that allows students and other visitors parking on campus to pay off a standard parking citation with the donation of food and personal care items. Donations accepted will go directly to an on campus food pantry that helps support students who struggle with hunger. Last year this program brought in 2,441 pounds of food and 381 pounds of personal care items. Only one standard parking citation can be waived by donating 10 quality items, this program is available to students, faculty, staff and even visitors through March 10th...

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