Colleges and Universities

College and university parking enforcement and citation supplies

College and university parking operations are more efficient and sophisticated than ever before. ParTek Solutions is the nation's premier parking supplies manufacturer. We offer the nation's largest selection of parking enforcement supplies, parking receipts and validations.

  • Parking access control tickets and receipts
  • Parking citation supplies
  • Mobile printer rolls
  • Pay-and-Display receipt rolls
  • Pay-on-Foot tickets and receipt rolls
  • Parking spitter tickets

We guarantee:

  • Products meet or exceed OEM specifications
  • Fast shipping and product turnaround
  • Unsurpassed quality in the printing and parking supplies industry

"We have had great success working with Ask ParTek Solutions, Inc. for our printed materials. We have found their prices to be highly competitive and their customer service to be excellent. They have always gone the extra mile to make sure all printed materials were printed correctly and met our exact specifications. In addition they have always produced materials in a timely manner and even rushed orders when needed. I would highly recommend ParTek Solutions, Inc. for any parking related printing needs."

Brian Brand
Manager of Parking Enforcement

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