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Partek is committed to saving you money while providing superior customer service and quality. Our products are fully tested with equipment and are OEM compatible, which means no more costly paper jams. In fact, all of our products are backed by an unsurpassed 100% Satisfaction Guarantee and are BPA-free.

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Lower cost is not always a bargain

Although the initial price of the bargain paper may be very attractive, keep in mind the long-term cost of ownership. If you have to replace the print head or entire printer far sooner than its life expectancy due to coating build-up or burn out of heating elements, you won’t yield the savings you thought you were getting.


Watch the video to see how use of lower quality paper, or paper not designed and tested specifically for Brother PocketJet printers, can result in:

  • Damage to the thermal print heads thus requiring more frequent and expensive maintenance or replacement. Damage includes thermal coating residue accumulating on the print elements causing poor images or burnout of the heating element. Weak images are more likely to fade. 
  • Condensed, difficult to read images caused by hampered paper advancement. 
  • Reduced archivability.

Discoloration due to overheating

Print head failure due to abrasion

Thermal head failure due to destruction of glass layer

How to Order with ParTek

To request a quote or free samples, please complete the form at the top of this page or contact your reprentative. Now you can also order Brother eCitation and mobile printer rolls online. In addition to our online stock products, we offer thermal media for nearly every make and model printer application—and, we provide an array of value added capabilities, such as full color custom printing, security features and more.

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