Pay & Display/Pay-by-Space Rolls

Order parking thermal pay and display paper

Custom Ticket and Receipt Printing for Pay and Display/Pay Stations

No fading or discoloration due to high temperatures! 

Eliminate paper jams with ParTek’s specially formulated moisture and humidity-resistant paper

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Benefits of choosing ParTek:

  • Design services and proofs at no charge
  • Paper guaranteed to maximize print head life*
  • Heat and humidity resistant stocks
  • Anti-counterfeit and tracking features
  • Small minimums on custom orders
  • Rapid fulfillment
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Unsurpassed quality and satisfaction guarantee
  • Guaranteed lowest prices in the industry!

Poor ticket quality is a major contributor to equipment downtime, maintenance costs, and frustrated motorists. ParTek Solutions pay-and-display receipts meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers' (OEMs) specifications. Our products are designed to function in extreme environments. Our base papers withstand expansion and deterioration in wet or humid conditions due to early morning condensation or torrential rain storms. Our custom printed receipts resist discoloration, fading, or blackening due to sunlight, UV radiation, and heat exposure as a result of leaving a receipt on a vehicle's dashboard for a multiple days.

Choose from our in-stock generic line of pay-and-display receipts, or let us design and customize a product that meets your application. 

ParTek Thermal Media Security Features: How Much are Counterfeit Tickets and Receipts Costing Your Operation?


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