Thermal Parking Tickets, Rolls and Receipts for Colleges and Universities

Ten Reasons to Choose ParTek Solutions

  1. We do not charge for plates or color proofs.
  2. Our cores used are made from PCW.
  3. Custom products are delivered in 15 working days after proof approval.
  4. Send us one ticket and we'll do all the rest for design and color match.
  5. We specialize in small volume custom printed products.
  6. Next business day shipment for all stock products including Pay and Display rolls.
  7. Free review of current ticket design and suggestions for enhancements.
  8. Order 2X normal quantity and we will store half at no charge for 12months. Advantage: avoid future paper mill increases implemented during that time frame & have product available for immediate release, no waiting time for replenishment.
  9. If you order any combination of parking violation rolls, weather resistant remittance envelopes, or Pay & Display rolls an additional ___% discount will be applied to all products.

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