AirBnb For Parking?

AirBnb For Parking?

May 30, 2017

At this point most folks are familiar with the concept of 'AirBnb' however, they may not have heard of OpenSpot. OpenSpot is an app created by two Simon Fraser University students which allows people who own a parking spot to rent it out to drivers looking for a place to park. 

Their concept stems from a realization that every parking space which isn't being used is not only a wasted space, but a missed opportunity for income. This service is not likely to be all that popular with rural or suburban areas, but instead is expected to be most useful in congested cities.

After all, if you're at work for 5-8 hours a day, or perhaps on vacation, why not have your parking asset generate a bit of revenue? The app allows the user to set their own price for the spot, and the rest is handled automatically. According to it's creators, the right space in the right part of town can generate an additional $8,000 in parking revenue! 

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