Choosing the Right Mobile Printer For Parking Citations

Choosing the Right Mobile Printer For Parking Citations

September 22, 2016

Are you ready to upgrade your current parking enforcement operations to mobile printers? Maybe you've been issuing printed citations for years but it's time to move to a more current system.

Either way, the number of options when it comes to mobile printers can be a bit daunting. We've put together a short look at some of the most common mobile printers and compared their features. 

Keep in mind, that certain citation processing or parking management systems are limited to specific printers so always check with them first. 

Mobile printers do a lot more these days then they ever have in the past. They'll virtually all be wireless and offer some sort of connection options to a mobile computer. Many other printers on the other hand have built in wi-fi and/or Bluetooth that can be used to directly communicate with computers, networks, or even the parking meters themselves. 

T2 Systems Inc. even makes use of the Datamax O'Neil Apex3i's ability to connect with Apple and Android devices for citation management.

Here is a look at some features of the most popular mobile printers among our customers:


Datamax O'Neil Apex3i (Honeywell)

  • Lightweight
  • Wireless Communication Standard
  • High Capacity Battery (up to 12 hours!)

Zebra QL320

  • IP54 Durability Rating
  • High Citation Capacity
  • Wireless Communication Standard

Zebra MZ320

  • Lightweight (0.75 lbs!)
  • Wide Range of Media Options (Citations, Receipts, even Labels!)
  • Bluetooth Technology Standard

Casio IT3000

  • Built-In Mobile Computer
  • Rugged Construction & Splash Protection
  • High Citation Capacity


There are many other printers in use and all of them have pro's and cons but the important thing to remember is that Partek is the larges manufacture handheld citation rolls in the US. We can custom print orders for as little as 1 carton of citations! Contact us today to learn more or get an estimate. 



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