Curb Check: UK Looks to Fine People Who Park on the Curb

Curb Check: UK Looks to Fine People Who Park on the Curb

April 21, 2017

Officials in the UK are looking at possibly adding a fine for drivers that park their car even slightly on the curb. Currently, officials have to power to enforce curb parking regulations only when it impacts movement in that area or if the vehicle is parked over the yellow space line. It has, however, been illegal in London for the past 40 years. While some drivers go over the curb as a way to leave room in heavy traffic areas, the reality is they aren’t helping all that much. Some of the main issues with parking on the curb include damaging the curb and creating hazards for pedestrians who are walking the sidewalk. While this may seem like a fairly small problem, the money from the fines would be used for road repairs. Also, if less people are parking on the curb, which leads in many cases to cracks and breaks in the curb, subsequently less money would be spent to repair these issues.

While parking on the curb is illegal in many cities across the US, it was hard to find specifics on how heavily ticketed this issue is. Most of the results when I looked for parking on the curb in the US were about the distance from the curb you could be when parallel parking. Parking in various cities across the United States is a very complicated set of rules and regulations. Each city typically has its own set of regulations that are followed, though in most cases these rules are fairly similar. 

What do you think? Should drivers be fined for parking over the curb just a little? Have you had any experience with getting fined for curb parking? Share your thoughts and experiences with us!



photo credit: Spanish Coches <a href="">1985 Renault 6</a> via <a href="">photopin</a> <a href="">(license)</a>

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