Parking 101: Handheld Ticket Printers

Parking 101: Handheld Ticket Printers

June 01, 2018

Last week we launched the Parking 101 series wherein we can share some of our parking industry media-focused expertise. We started off by taking a look at the different types of parking meters. 

This time around we're going to check out the other side of that equation, the Handheld Ticket Printers. 

Issuing Parking Citations is a way of ensuring that the rules set by the parking meter program are followed. It's important that those rules are followed because they force parking turnover and allow for more motorists to park and visit the businesses in the area.

We use the term "Handheld Ticket Printer" as a means for the computer & printer combinations used to issue parking citations. In this article we'll discuss some interesting features that are available, and that are coming soon in the industry.

Handheld Ticket Printer Features

  • Many systems have an included handheld computer used for recording citation details.
  • Several available models link with provided smartphones for capturing citation details. This allows for pictures to be taken and stored for violation evidence as well.
  • Bluetooth Connectivity with printers and even some meters.
  • Wireless technology, many meters serve as WiFi hotspots for enforcement equipment allowing for citation information to be recorded in real time on the server.  
  • Ticket printing via small thermal printers allowing for immediate ticketing. 


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