Parking In the Technological Era

Parking In the Technological Era

July 07, 2016

Parking can be difficult in large cities, and trying to pay for parking meters can be even more of a hassle if the meter still requires the old-fashioned quarter method. New technologies are reaching out into the parking industry in an attempt to ease the parking headache and streamline the process.

Bridgeport, Connecticut is one city leading the way in cutting-edge parking meters. The new meters, which look like large silver ovals, now allow motorists to park and pay using credit and debit cards and payments via cell phones, instead of just quarters.

These new high-tech smart meters emerge from complaints by Bridgeport’s downtown business owners, residents, and visitors, stating that the parking meter system was significantly outdated. Since the old meters required drivers to pay for 15-minute increments with quarters, many motorists faced violation tickets of $40 per parking offence.

These new meters help bring the parking industry into the 21st century. As Bridgeport city spokesman Av Harris stated to the CT Post, “people don’t carry around large amounts of change anymore.” As plastic and digital become more common than cash and change, the parking industry continues to look for ways to accommodate new technologies.

New meters are not the only new technology developing in the parking industry. New apps and signage could direct motorists to open parking spaces. So instead of having to drive around in circles for what may seem like hours only to find that what looks like an empty spot is actually taken by a small vehicle, drivers can quickly find a true open spot and move on with their plans.

Although it may not seem like it, the parking industry faces many new technological advances. From new parking payment methods to locator apps, the way we park continues to adapt to the digital age.

At ParTek Solutions, we understand that staying ahead of the curve is important in any industry, but especially the parking industry. Technologies change quickly. That is why we continue to stay updated on the latest technological advances, making us the experts in providing the necessary paper rolls for new parking technologies.

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