Parking Tickets Save Lives?

Parking Tickets Save Lives?

May 09, 2017

While reading a news article on The Drive this morning regarding the half-a-billion dollars in parking citation revenue generated by New York City, I came across mention of the 'Vision Zero' initiative. 

In 2016 New York City generated $545 million in parking ticket revenue. That's the equivalent of $64 for every man, woman, and child in the massive city. 

One reason the city cites for it's monetary penalties is an attempt to keep New Yorkers acting responsibly. Many believe that improper parking can lead to avoidable safety issues that may cost pedestrians or motorists their lives. 

The idea behind this position that if vehicles are always parked legally and responsibly, and if traffic is carried out in the same way, the capacity for accidental injury or death is virtually non-existent. What do you think?

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