Pay By... Plate?

Pay By... Plate?

April 26, 2017

We're all familiar with the two most popular methods of on-street parking; Pay and Display, and Pay By Space. The City of Tulsa and Parkeon have come together however to test out a new style of parking kiosk. 

As a consumer, I'm always concerned that I've maybe misread my spot number, or failed to leave my parking receipt in clear view. The system being installed in Tulsa takes a different approach, Pay By Plate. This system doesn't validate the space, but rather the vehicle to park anywhere in the specified zone. Currently, they are installing the program in an arts district in the city, which makes sense, as you may want to move around within an area to check out multiple venues or restaurants. 

Couple this convenience with an associated app (scheduled to launch later this year) and you end up with a system that makes more sense for the area, and is much more convenient for the customer. 

In addition to arts districts, and shopping centers, what are some other areas where this system could be installed with great effect? 

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