Reserving a Spot at the Airport

Reserving a Spot at the Airport

December 27, 2016

Given the fact that you're likely to spend a small fortune on even the most meager of sandwiches at the airport, you could safely assume that food and beverages were their number two revenue stream.

As it turns out, parking remains the second largest revenue driver after landing and airline fees. It stands to reason then that parking executives would be wise to protect and promote this critical revenue generator. One way of doing so successfully is to implement and make prominent an onmi-channel parking reservation system.

The advantages are more than intangible marketing gimmicks as well. With the online portion of such a reservation system, the airport is able to lock down the sale of the parking spot before the traveler ever arrives at the airport to be confronted with the several 3rd party parking options available.  

The system allows the airport to adjust pricing according to availability, converting customers who otherwise would not pay by offering lower rates during non-peak periods.

The end result is a customer who's trip has been simplified, more affordable, and satisfying. All of those factors go a long way towards building customer loyalty.




photo credit: ruimc77 Spirit A321 (LAX)


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