Parking by Google

Parking by Google

August 15, 2016

Google may soon provide a new service that will notify users of potential parking spots in the area and the level of difficulty in finding one.

This new feature will be integrated in Google’s already popular Google Maps app. The app add-on will rank the difficulty of finding a parking spot on three different levels: easy, medium, and hard. For example, when music or sporting events are in the area, the app will alert drivers on the likelihood of finding a free parking spot.

The current issue with this is that the feature does not seem to have extensive capabilities: where is the data even coming from? This means that factors such as local events or time of the day would not be taken into account; everyone knows that these two factors play a major roll in finding a parking space or not.

Whether or not the technology is adapted to consider these factors is yet to be determined. However, it would still be helpful to know your chances of finding a spot when going downtown or out to a major event. According to the Android Police, “It’s possible Google will roll this out to people over time or may be waiting to turn in on at a future date.” Who knows, maybe Google’s update will save us all a little more time and stress looking for a parking spot at our favorite events.

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